Springers Gymnastics Team Tryouts

Be on an award winning gymnastics team! Set up a date and time for an assessment with Jori at 630-784-6183.
5+ years

Springers VIRTUAL Strength & Flexibility

Jan 5 to Mar 23
Ages 6-18

This program is for current Springers Gymnastics team members only via Zoom. Coach Jori will lead workouts with a focus on stretching, conditioning and team-building.

Private Gymnastics with your Favorite Instructors

Get one-on-one training with Coach Jori or Coach Chris. Work to refine your skills, increase your flexibility and build your strength.

Sessions begin on January 4.

Tumbling for Adults

Jan 5 to Mar 23
Ages 18+

Looking to try something new or renew a passion? We will work at your individual pace and use mats and drills to suit your skill level. 

Workshops to Refine Gymnastics Skills

A variety of workshops are being offered to gymnasts who want to refine and practice more advanced skills.

Advanced Flip Clinic, Ages 8+, Jan 5 to Mar 23
Cartwheels & Back Walkovers Workshop, Ages 6-13, starting Jan 21
Flexibility & Strength, Ages 6-10, 11-28, Jan 4 to Mar 22
Round Off & Flip Flop Workshop, Ages 6-13, starting Jan 23

Superhero Training

Jan 5 to Mar 23
Ages 3-5

Train to be the next member of the Avengers! This class combines basic skills of strength training and gymnastics. Send your little hero in their favorite superhero shirt each week.

Gymnastics Levels 1, 2, 3, 4

Jan 5 to Mar 27
Ages 6-14

Work on more skills and refine equipment skills and routines as you advance through each level.

Cheernastics & High School Tumbling for Cheerleading

Rising cheerleaders starting at 4 years through 10 can learn the skills they need for the high school team. High schoolers can refine and practice tumbling techniques.

Cheernastics, Ages 4-6, 7-10, Jan 9 to Mar 27
High School Tumbling for Cheer, Ages 14-18, Jan 6 to Mar 24

Boys Gymnastics

Jan 6 to Mar 24
Ages 6-14

Focus on tumbling progressions and basic skills are taught on parallel bars, high bar, vault and pommel horse.

Tumbling Level 1

Jan 6 to Mar 24
Ages 6-14

Learn basic tumbling skills and develop balance and strength. Gymnastics equipment is not used.

Tumbling Classes for Tots through Kindergarten

Tumbling and basic balance and locomotion skills are practiced to promote body awareness and coordination in young children.

Baby Bugs (with parent), Ages 1-2, Jan 5 to Mar 27
Dragonfly (with parent), Ages 2-3, Jan 6 to Mar 27
VIRTUAL Dragonfly, Ages 1.5-3, Jan 7 to Mar 25
Cricket, Ages 3-4, Jan 5 to Mar 27
Kinderbugs, Ages 5-6, Jan 5 to Mar 27

Springers Tumbling Team

Jan 7 to Mar 25
Ages 5-15 

Join the Springers Tumbling Team! Practices are only once a week. Train to compete in tumbling meets in the IPDGC conference.

Gymnastics for Siblings

Jan 9 to Mar 27
Ages 3-12

Younger children learn from watching an older sibling as a good example. Older kids gain confidence and learn by helping a younger sibling learn new skills.