Ages 6-10

ActivKids Full-Day Remote Learning Childcare

Full-day Remote Learning Childcare is available for students in all school districts! In this recreation-based program, students in Grades K-8 will participate in activities, games, crafts, and explore the outdoors when not actively engaged in their school work. For flexibility, After Care can be added to your child’s schedule for an additional fee. All details are subject to change.

Learn to Play Instruments Virtually

Jan 1 - Jan 29
These activities have already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Feb 1 - Feb 26

A professional playing instructor guides musicians from beginning to advanced playing in these private, virtual 30-minute lessons.

Piano - ages 6+
Guitar - ages 6+
Drums - ages 7+
Ukulele - ages 6+
Clarinet & Saxophone - ages 10+

Magic Class

Jan 1 - Mar 1 VIRTUAL
Feb 3 - in person

5-12 years

Amaze family and friends with quick-to-learn and easy-to-perform tricks that involve cards, ropes, coins, mindreading and more. 

Swim Team Conditioning

Starting in February 
Ages 6-18

Private Swim Lessons

Starting in February
Age 3+

Private Dance Lessons with your Favorite Instructors

Learn to dance or refine your skills one-on-one with one of your favorite instructors - Ms Rachel, Ms Linda, Ms Paige or Ms Tara.

For ages 3 to 12, our experienced and skilled dance instructors are holding private dance lesson sessions starting in both January and February. Register today to guarantee your one-on-one session.

Hip Hop 1 & 2

Jan 4 to Apr 26

Hip Hop 1, Ages 6-8
Hip Hop 2, Ages 8+

Kids learn hip hop dance moves to choreographed music.

Virtual Hip Hop Dance

Jan 4 to Feb 8
Ages 6-8

Learn various hip hop dance moves via Zoom with focus on new sets of combinations and mini routines in every class.


Jan 5 to Mar 23
Ages 6-13

This class is a nice introduction to dance, cheers, and more! Participants learn basic poms routines and dance skills.

Gymnastics Level 1, 2, 3, 4

Jan 5 to Mar 27
Ages 6-14

Work on more skills and refine equipment skills and routines as you advance through each level.

Workshops to Refine Gymnastics Skills

A variety of workshops are being offered to gymnasts who want to refine and practice more advanced skills.

Advanced Flip Clinic, Ages 8+, Jan 5 to Mar 23
Cartwheels & Back Walkovers Workshop, Ages 6-13, starting Jan 21
Flexibility & Strength, Ages 6-10, 11-28, Jan 4 to Mar 22
Round Off & Flip Flop Workshop, Ages 6-13, starting Jan 23

Boys Gymnastics

Jan 6 to Mar 24
Ages 6-14

Focus on tumbling progressions and basic skills are taught on parallel bars, high bar, vault and pommel horse.

Jazz 1 & 2

Jan 6 to Apr 28
Ages 6-11

Learn basic dance techniques and rhythm. Jazz combinations and routines are taught weekly.

Ballet 1 & 2

Ballet 1 - Jan 7 to Apr 29
Ages 6-8

Ballet 2 - Jan 6 to Apr 28
Ages 8+

Class focuses on basic ballet techniques, with traditional barre and center work.

Tumbling Level 1

Jan 6 to Mar 24
Ages 6-14

Learn basic tumbling skills and develop balance and strength. Gymnastics equipment is not used.

Beginner Tap Dance

Jan 7 to Apr 29
Ages 6+

Develop rhythm, style and sound. Students learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to rhythm tap.

Springers Gymnastics Team

Jan 7 to Mar 25
Ages 5-15 

Join the Springers Tumbling Team! Practices are only once a week. Train to compete in tumbling meets in the IPDGC conference.

Hip Hop Dance

Jan 8 to Mar 26
Ages 6-12

Learn various hip hop dance moves with focus on new sets of combinations and mini routines in every class.

Youth Kickball (outdoor)

Jan 23
Grades 3-8

Play a pop-up kickball game outdoors on the turf! Sign up individually and be placed on a team of 3-5 players. Sign up for one week or all weeks.


Jan 9 to Mar 27
Ages 4-6, 7-10

Rising cheerleaders starting at 4 years through 10 can learn the skills they need for the high school team. 

Gymnastics for Siblings

Jan 9 to Mar 27
Ages 3-12

Younger children learn from watching an older sibling as a good example. Older kids gain confidence and learn by helping a younger sibling learn new skills.

Mini Hip Hop 1 & 2

Jan 9 to May 1
Ages 4-8

Kids learn choreographed hip hop moves to fun music.

Ballet & Tap

Jan 9 to May 1
Ages 5-6, 6-8

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

We mix it up in this ballet and tap class designed to develop rhythm, style and sound in tap, and teach basic ballet techniques and combinations.

Irish Dance - for Beginners or Advanced (virtual)

Jan 9 to Mar 27
Ages 5-18

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Discover the tradition and intricate choreography of Irish dance!

Beginning Piano Lessons

Jan 11 to Mar 15 
Ages 6-8

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Basic music skills such as keyboard facility, music reading and counting will be taught using colorful fun songs.

Beginning Guitar Lessons

Jan 11 to Mar 15
Ages 8-12

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Each class is designed to teach basic music reading skills, chords, strumming techniques, plus much more and all with fun songs you’ll love!

Beginning Drum Lessons

Jan 12 to Mar 16
Ages 8-14

This activity has already started, but registrations are still being accepted.

Classes teach the basic rudiments, percussion style notation, drum set basics and various musical styles.

One-Act Musical Play
"Off their Rockers"

Jan 16 to Feb 28
Ages 5-13

Our story takes place in a senior center where all is quiet and calm and perhaps a bit boring until music and dance brings fun and excitement into the lives of the seniors to get them "off their rockers".

Mother Daughter Zumba

January 17
February 21

Grades 3-8

Zumba dance workout class features exotic rhythms and high energy Latin and international beats.

ActivKids Days Off Club

January 18

February 15
February 26

March 19

Spring Break!
March 29, 30, 31, April 1, 2 

April 5 

Before Care & After Care available.

Open to students of all school districts. Take part in field trips, special events, and enjoy crafts, games and physical activity.

Grades K-6
Simkus Recreation Center

The Brave Way: Self-Defense

Jan 26
Feb 16

Ages 8+

Protect yourself from a physical attack, regardless of age, size, strength, speed, skill or physical ability. Get out of grabs, punches, chokes, bear hugs and more. A 2-hour class. 

Basketball Skills

Jan 26 - Mar 30
Ages 6-8
All Star Sports

Soccer Junior

Jan 20 - Feb 17
Jan 23 - Feb 20
Feb 24 - Mar 24
Feb 27 - Mar 27

Ages 3-6
All Star Sports

Fencing - Olympic Swordplay

Jan 27 - Mar 3
Mar 10 - Apr 28 

Ages 8+

Arts & Crafts by Whim Studio Space

Ages 6-17

Pretty Petals Flower Bowl - Jan 20
Woot Woot Owl Plaque - Jan 24
I Love You Heart Frame - Feb 1 or 7

Ice Skating - Beginner Hockey 1

Jan 21-Feb 18
Ages 5-13

Learn basic forward and backward skating while wearing hockey equipment. Hockey skates and hockey helmet are required.

Ice Skating - Basic 1

Jan 21 - Feb 18
Ages 6-13

Learn 2-foot glides, 1-foot glides, forward and backward swizzles and backward wiggles.

One-on-One Soccer Training

Jan 21 - 28
Ages 8-14

Volleyball Skills and Drills

Jan 21 - Feb 25
Jan 24 - Mar 7
Mar 11 - Apr 22
Mar 14 - Apr 25 

Ages 8-14


Jan 22 - Apr 2
Ages 4-14

Learn the traditional style of Okinawan karate. Students develop coordination along with self-confidence, respect and a positive self-image. Parents can participate with their enrolled children for no additional charge.

Sullivan's Karate

Crafts with Casie: Glam Night

Jan 22
Ages 8-12

Make homemade lip balm, create beautiful bath bombs and end the night with painting your nails. 


Jan 23 to Feb 27
Ages 9-17

Discover the equestrian world with beginning riding lessons and experience in horse handling, grooming and tacking.

Youth Soccer (outdoor)

Jan 23
Grades 3-8

Come out for a pop-up game!

Let's Build It!
Chain Reactions in Action

Jan 23 to Feb 3
Ages 6-12

In this STEAM program, students build Rube Goldberg "Mouse Trap" chain-reaction machines featuring levers, pulleys and other simple machines.

Youth Wiffleball (outdoor) 

Jan 24
Grades 3-6

Play a pop-up wiffleball game outdoors on the turf! Sign up individually and be placed on a team of 4 or 5 players. 

Youth Dodgeball (outdoor)

Jan 24
Grades 3-8

Play a pop-up dodgeball game outdoors this January on the turf! Sign up individually and be placed on a team of 3-5 players. 

Dodgeball League

Jan 29 to March 12 
Grade 2-8

Youth Soccer (indoor)

Jan 30 to March 6
Grades 1-8

Youth Basketball (indoor)

Jan 31 to March 7
Grades 1-8

Soccer - Liverpool FC

Feb 1 to 22
Ages 4-12  

Speed Training

Feb 1 to 24
Age 9-13
Blackline Athletic

Basketball Circuit Training

Feb 2 - 16 
Ages 8-18

Circuit training emphasizes basketball conditioning by performing various exercises and basketball drills.

Kids Boot Camp

Feb 2 to 23
Grades 3-5 and 6-8

This high-energy class strives to increase the overall health and fitness level of kids in a fun, positive and motivating environment by utilizing fitness games, body weight exercises, resistance bands, circuits and more.

Academy Lacrosse

Feb 3 to 17
Ages 9-15

Lil' Laxers

Feb 3 - 17
Ages 5-8

Indoor PE Classics

Feb 4 - 25
Grades 3-6

We'll play a different game each week to include Kickball, Soccer, Dodgeball and Wiffleball.

Mario Kart Tournament

Feb 5
Ages 8-14

Sports-tacular Night Out

February 12
Ages 5-11

Parents! Drop your kids off for an evening of sports, activities, dinner and a movie all while you have an evening to yourself!

Teenie Weenie Valentine's Day- At Home Box & Zoom

February 12
Ages 8 and under

Liverpool FC - Junior Reds Clinic

February 15
Ages 6-12

Glitzy Girlz - New Year Pajama Pamper Night

February 26
Ages 4-10

Come out with friends in your favorite pajamas and pamper yourself! Learn to do pedicures and manicures as well as polish nails and toes. Design a beaded glitzy bracelet with a personal charm.

That's Amore! Daughter Date Night at Home

February 27
Ages 5 -11

Take a ride through Venice with your favorite girl for a socially safe Daughter Date Night! Strike a pose together for our photographer, dance with your special girl, then pick up your date night kit to take home and enjoy together.

Youth Baseball & Softball League

Apr 5-Jun 26
Ages 6-15

Youth Volleyball League

Apr 10-May 15
Grade 5-8
Practices start March 23

Youth Soccer League

Apr 10-Jun 5
Grades Pre/K-8
Practices start March 22